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Friday Night In?

Friday night in? Let us cook, so that you can catch up on some of the best food programmes available this week. It feels good to put your feet up and opt for a relaxed night in, that’s where we have you covered.

As foodies, we’re constantly keeping an eye out for the best food programmes available to watch, here’s a narrowed down list of some of our team’s favourites:


  1. Jamie Oliver’s Sugar Rush, 4od

A must see. This documentary will open your eyes to how often sugar appears in our day to day diets. You may think you’re being healthy by eating a cereal bar as a snack, it appears that Jamie has other ideas...

  1. Two Greedy Italians, BBC iPlayer

Chefs Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo return to Italy after 40 years. They revisit childhood recipes, discover modern day Italian cooking techniques and how food in general has evolved in their home country.

  1. Food Unwrapped, 4od

A series to get your teeth into! This show is food and science combined, you’re guaranteed to learn something new in every episode. The team explores all aspects of food, from expensive vodka to supermarket onions.

  1. Chef’s Table, Netflix

This fascinating American series gives us an insight into six renowned chefs. Each episode focuses on a different chef and portrays their style of cooking, history and personality. Francis Mallmann’s raw, Argentinian style of cooking is one to watch.


With an EatFirst dinner on the way, pop open the wine and sink into your relaxed Friday night in!

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