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The Student Diet

Ahhh student food... Cheap as chips (literally), easy and quick to cook and always comforting. Before we continue, we would like to state that of course, not all students eat the same thing. We are aware that many students eat well, but there are those who like to save their pennies and opt for a specific type of diet.


If you know which diet we’re talking about, then this list will bring back some memories:

  1. Beans on toast: Whether it be Heinz or Tesco value, the beans were there for you.

  2. Toasties: There was always one who brought a toastie maker to uni. Little did they know that it’d be the most used appliance in the kitchen, apart from the kettle.

  3. Pasta bake: A carb bomb that would line your stomach for your night out. These bakes could last days and was great for sharing with a housemate.

  4. Frozen beige: Required no effort and took little time. Chicken nuggets, chips, onion rings, potato wedges... We could go on and on.  

  5. Takeaways: Pizza, Chinese, Indian, Fish and Chips - it would burn a hole in your bank account but it was still worth searching for the half price deals.

While these meals were there for you when you needed them, we're sure it wasn't long before you realised there’s more to life and a kitchen than just a toastie machine...

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