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It's Cauliflower Season

Cauliflower is making a comeback. No longer is it the bland, white vegetable that you were forced to eat when you were five. No longer does it come second best to broccoli, here’s a few reasons why…

  • Due to having a fairly bland flavour, cauliflower is versatile and useable in many dishes.

  • Cauliflower is known to contain cancer fighting properties.

  • There’s only 15 calories in half a cup of cooked or raw cauliflower.

  • Super easy and quick to cook by boiling, steaming, baking or frying.

  • The leaves can be used too! Stick them into broths, soups or even your cauliflower cheese for some extra crunch.


This marvellous vegetable is now in season, so don’t hesitate to include it in more of your meals this month!


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