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Clueless about Calories

Calories are not evil. There, we said it! They’re a measure of energy in food and by not eating many calories, you’re not providing your body with what it needs to run smoothly all day.

To improve what you’re eating or to lose weight, it’s all about the nutrients! We’ve taken a few of our favourite ingredients and provided the calorie count:

Quinoa (uncooked), per 100g - 368 calories

Avocado, per 100g - 160 calories

Sunflower seeds, per 100g - 584 calories

Atlantic Salmon (raw) per 100g - 208 calories

Almonds, per 100g - 576 calories

As an example, while almonds are high in calories they also have (per 100g) 42% of your daily recommended protein intake, 67% magnesium, 26% calcium and 20% iron!

So our advice for when checking the label, is not to focus entirely on the calorie count as it’s not always a clear indication of what you’re eating.


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