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Retro Party Food Revival

Food trends come and go but some make a comeback. From prawn cocktail to vol-au-vents, the latest reborn craze is retro party food! But why, in the recent years where we’ve been introduced to many great recipes, are these 70’s themed canapes and appetisers returning?

Vol-au-vents: British Bake Off brought back the vol-au-vents this year by making it one of the challenges in the bake off tent. With Tamal’s pulled pork and Flora’s chocolate praline variations, the nation was inspired, resulting in new and adventurous recipes being introduced.


Pineapple: While cheese and pineapple sticks still live on at kids’ birthday parties, pineapple is a versatile fruit which can really enhance your spread of entrees. Try roasted pineapple rings with a drizzle of olive oil for 15 minutes, turn over for another 10 minutes, then dust with a bit of black pepper.

Melon and Parma Ham: Still a popular starter in (mostly) Italian restaurants and we can understand why! The sweet and salty flavours are the perfect balance. For super quick and easy appetisers for guests, we’d suggest chopping melon into bite-size cubes and wrapping them one layer of parma ham. Put a cocktail stick through to keep it in place and voilà!

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