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Your Friends Deserve the Best!

Do you have a friend who will enjoy a chef-made lunch or dinner? Perhaps you have more than one! We know Christmas is coming up, but why wait that long to treat them? Especially as now you can give them £10 off their first EatFirst order. Oh, and as you’re such a generous individual, we’ll give you £10 off your next EatFirst order too. Everyone’s a winner!

Are your friends hungry? If so, then this is how to start sharing your love of food:

  1. Login to your EatFirst account to find your personal referral code. You can find it in the profile settings or by clicking on the megaphone.

  2. Pass this onto your loved ones or share it on your personal social media pages, so everyone you know can use it when they order their first EatFirst meal with £10 off.

  3. As soon as they order with your code, you will receive £10 credit from us. You can find it in the ‘wallet and referrals’ section in the EatFirst app.

Make sure you tell your friends our ordering times: If they need a quick fix for lunch then they can order by 10.30am for same day delivery or anytime for the rest of the week. Or if they want to dine in for dinner, they can order by 5pm for same day delivery or anytime for the rest of the week.

Note: Please check our Terms and Conditions for more details on this feature.

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