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How to Avoid the Winter Blues

Winter blues are a real thing, so don’t blame yourself for wanting to stay cocooned inside your duvet. The colder, shorter and darker days seem to bring out the irritation, depression and laziness in us, but why? Some scientists believe this is down to the way our bodies respond to daylight, whereas others believe it could be due to a poorer diet and less physical activity than in the Summer.

Well, as foodies we feel starting with food is the best option! So here’s a list of nutrients you need in your body to start changing those negative emotions into positive vibes:

Selenium means antioxidants, which we all know keep your immune system in check.

Where can I find it? Tuna and mushrooms are some of the highest sources around.

Zinc is beneficial to the human body but is especially good for skin, nails and hair which often gets dry in the Winter.

Where can I find it? Shellfish (especially oysters) are not only yummy but contain the most amount of Zinc.

Vitamin D is in abundance in the Summer as the sun is its biggest source, but being in London, that’s harder to get in Winter! This vitamin is needed for people who regularly exercise, as it’s the key to healthy bones.

Where can I find it? Eggs are a crackin’ source of Vitamin D.

Iron and Vitamin A are essential for us because they make hemoglobin for our red blood cells, which deliver oxygen from the lungs to every cell in our bodies.

Where can I find it? Red meat, leafy vegetable, carrots lentils are the best choices to get more iron and Vitamin A into your body, besides water.

Vitamin B12 will boost your energy levels. One of the side effects of a Vitamin B12 deficiency is feeling tired and depressed, no one wants that.

Where can I find it? Eat your greens because broccoli, kale and peas are all jam-packed full of this super vitamin.

Whole grains will help maintain your positivity throughout the day as it burns energy slowly. Even a small portion will fill you up so even those Christmas biscuits won’t tempt you!

Where can I find it? Brown rice, whole grain pasta and buckwheat are great for keeping your hunger at bay until dinner.

There’s no excuses for a bad mood, tiredness or lack of concentration with this delicious list. Not only do they taste good but they will keep you on the right track for beating those Winter blues. Hurrah!


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