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The Perfect Mulled Wine

It’s hard not to feel the Christmas cheer when mulled wine returns. Think about the last mulled wine you had. Right now. Imagine the steamy glass keeping your hands warm, the heavenly smell of spices and cinnamon… mmm.

This delightful beverage suits all Wintery occasions, from a party to a night not moving from the sofa and watching Christmas films. Due to this fact, we feel finding a recipe you love is crucial to enjoying your December that little bit more. We’ve revealed three tips for making your own batch of warm, Christmassy deliciousness:

  • Slow and Steady.

A slow cooker can be left on low so that the wine stays heated, plus it allows guests to come and go for refills. All the while the spicy, fruity aroma will circulate the house and the flavours will only enhance as time goes on.

  • Thyme-ing is Everything.

Herbs add something special. Try adding a sprinkling of rosemary or thyme to your wine and fruit blend, a few bay leaves will also work well.

  • Back to Basics.

Experimentation is key. You may have found the mulled wine for you, whether it be shop-bought or homemade but we urge you to try more! Mix any (or all) of these ingredients together and you might invent a mulled wine you’re happier with: Star anise, cinnamon, orange zest, orange juice, lemon zest, bay leaves, brandy, port, rosemary, cardamom seeds, ginger, caster sugar, nutmeg, whole cloves, honey, thyme, vanilla pods and of course, red wine.

Embrace the mulled wine obsession! (It only lasts for around two months a year anyway). To really experience the taste of Christmas, serve your mulled wine with one of our Christmas dishes from


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