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EatFirst Meals: Up Close & Personal

Our Grilled Baby Chicken dish was introduced to the EatFirst menu by chef Benn Hodges one month ago, and it’s already a customer (and staff) favourite! For this reason we’re getting up close and personal and giving you folks who haven’t given it a try, an insight into what you can expect.  

What makes it special?

A combination of delicious flavours and fresh ingredients! Chicken thighs marinade overnight in a mix of Japanese soy sauce, white miso paste, clear honey, garlic, ginger, spring onions and red dutch chillies. They’re then chargrilled before being roasted for a smoky flavour, transporting you back to those BBQ Summer days.

Served with the chicken are fresh, chopped aubergines which are roasted until ‘melt in your mouth’ tender and sprinkled with togarashi and coriander.

Making it saucy

A sauce and garnish brings a meal together. The sauce we serve on the side is the same as the chicken marinade, connecting all the components together. Plus extra spring onions and half a lemon. Bonito flakes (Japanese dried tuna flakes) also join the party to really make the dish unique.

Wine and dine

We like versatility at EatFirst, which is why this dish is suitable for a dinner party, a date night or a casual night in your pyjamas! For bonus points, try serving with a glass (or two) of crisp white wine or a citrus pale ale.  

A word from the chef, Benn Hodges, “This is my favourite dish I’ve made at EatFirst, not just because it was the first one I made here, but it adds a different dimension to the menu and it’s not something you see in the shops.”

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