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Festive Flavours, With a Twist

It’s never too early to start on the Christmas pudding in December. If you’re looking for a pud that goes beyond the average supermarket then congrats, you’ve found it. Our chef, Benn Hodges, has created a recipe that’s not only for the currant lovers, but the toffee and orange obsessive too! In this article, we divulge Benn’s influences behind the recipe and what makes this pudding so special...

Benn, like many of us, has grown up enjoying a homemade Christmas pudding every year with his family. “My mother makes her pudding a year early to mature before the big day. She used to say, ‘Benn, one bottle of brandy for cooking and one for soaking’ whenever she made it. Watching it flame up was pretty impressive as a kid.” - Benn Hodges. Our pudding wasn’t made a year ago and no, we don’t deliver it on fire but we think the added twist of flavours will make up for it!

Goji berries are believed to boost the immune system, as they contain vitamins C, B2 and A plus antioxidants. With those being added to our Christmas pud, you won’t need to worry about over-indulging on the wine! To balance the slight sharpness of the berries and so the pudding can remain moist, apples, dried dates, raisins and ground almonds are added to the mix.

Now, for the sauce. Sweet toffee sauce is infused with oranges to intensify that warm, festive aroma, as well as enhance the natural flavours from the dried fruit. Drizzle it over the pudding and watch it soak in and absorb into the cakey Christmassy mixture… mmm.

This delightful dessert is perfect for one but of course, Christmas is a time for sharing. It’s only available until 23rd December though so don’t hesitate, pre-order now from!

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