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EatFirst are on the Web!

It’s party time at EatFirst HQ because today we’re launching our brand new website!

Yes, it’s here and it’s live! You can now pre-order your lunch and dinner not only from the EatFirst app but from the website too. Let us explain in a little more detail...

You can now browse our daily-changing menu online and pre-order lunch and dinner for multiple days of the week. Every single meal is made by our in-house chefs using fresh, seasonal ingredients. In addition you can view the nutritional information and what’s in each meal with just one click. Find your dream dish that suits your dietary requirements with ease by adding filters. We have meals that vegetarians, vegans, dairy-free, gluten-free and even nut-free foodies will enjoy!

Other features include:

  • Payment recognition - you can process your order in lightning speed. No need to spend precious minutes typing in your card number.

  • Refer a Friend - To treat your friends to £10 off their first EatFirst order, give them your personal referral code and once they’ve ordered with it we’ll give you £10 off EatFirst as a pat on the back. You can find your code by signing into your account online and clicking on the megaphone.

So go online to to experience the excitement for yourself and maybe even buy some lunch or dinner while you’re there? We’ll go back to our party hats.

On a last note, a big thank you to our in-house IT team for working their coding magic!


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