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A Look into our Fish Supplier

We strive for quality in every single meal that we produce, from the recipe to the service. To ensure we pack as much good stuff as we can into our meals we rely on the best suppliers in the business, starting with the friendly guys at James Knight of Mayfair (, who supply our fresh fish.

Renowned in the trade, James Knight ( have been up and running for over 100 years, impressive right? Never failing to provide the freshest, coastal fish to London and it’s restaurants, not even in the beginning in 1908 from their small shop in Shepherds Market. Due to this quality, they are now the ‘Capital’s largest fishing and aquaculture practice.’ Good for them! Oh, and did we mention they’re the official supplier of fish to Buckingham Palace and Harrods? If that’s not enough of a hint as to how high-quality they are, we don’t know what is!

The majority of their stock is UK coastal fish, and local landing from Hastings and Brighton areas. They’re big on sustainability too, they “have respect for the sea; it is a finite resource, so our products tell a story of sustainability and good fishing and aquaculture practice.” They have worked with 20 environmental and sustainability groups. On top of all of this, they employ renowned fishmongers who are passionate about what they do, (they even fillet in house).

The people who keep things running smoothly are experts in the trade:

Paschal Tiernan - Managing Director (over 30 years in the industry)

John Ewing - Business Development Director, Jason Hawkins - Buyer and Head of Production

Ian Currie - Sashimi Specialist.

We’re proud to have these friendly fishmongers as our fish supplier because we know that every delivery was handled with love, care and skill. We’re sure Her Majesty feels the same way!

James Knight of Mayfair - www.

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