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What is Alexander Technique?


“Why is my chair so uncomfortable?” This question is a common one among office workers. We admit, some chairs should not have been designed, let alone bought by an office manager to actually sit on. But, have you considered that it’s not your chair making you uncomfortable? An alternative reason is you! We have found the solution to those aches and pains you have after a long day at your desk: Alexander Technique. We spoke to Elizabeth Jeffries, an experienced AT teacher for the low down on how it can work for you.

We wanted to know the details about Alexander Technique, but most of all what it is and how it works.

Get your facts right: Here’s some historical knowledge for you, Frederick Matthias Alexander created his technique in 1869 when he suffered from voice issues whilst progressing in his acting career. AT is a ‘self help method’ for getting the body aligned correctly and relieving muscle and joint problems.

Let’s get physical: If you’ve been slumping over your desk for years then it’s not just about the movement of your body. It takes control to constantly modify the way you sit, stand and walk. Your hard work will pay off and you will feel the benefits!

Aches and Pains: We start out in life brilliantly but as we develop past childhood, we pick up bad habits which then leads to bad alignment and posture. This is what causes real problems in later life, from that frequent ‘bad back’ you seem to get to RSI (repetitive strain injury).

Don’t skip class: In your classes, an AT teacher will ‘help you rediscover balance within yourself. You start by simple movements which are basic to all activity. You can also learn to create tension and how to prevent it.’ Eventually, this will help you change those long standing habits (excluding biting your nails) and how to function more efficiently. Around 20 classes is usual but it depends on the individual’s needs.

Put your money where your mouth is: The cost of a lesson varies between around £35/£40 regionally and £40/£75 in London. In 2008 there was a successful trial of the AT with back pain, showing students had made significant progress after twenty lessons or six with prescribed exercises. As well as this, individual teachers will have their own success stories.

Give me more: To find out more about Alexander Technique and how it can solve your “chair” problem  then you can visit the official website.

Anybody can be affected by back pain, we feel the Alexander Technique is a worthwhile solution that doesn’t break the bank and works around your schedule! Elizabeth Jeffries has been practicing since 1996 and is based in Hastings, East Sussex in the UK -


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