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What Lunch Break?

A break from your work relieves stress, enhances concentration and enables a good work/life balance. We admire the articles and blog posts that inspire Londoners to ‘take back’ their lunch break. However, as we understand it, there are an unfortunate few who simply can’t afford to spend one hour in a yoga class. So this post is dedicated to them; the people who can barely scrape half an hour, but who wish to venture out of the office just to feel human again! Here are ten activities, plus a cheeky bonus one to help inspire you with how to spend your ‘lunch break’.

  1. Keep your barnet in check [15+]: There’s no need for a haircut to steal time away from your weekend, unless you’re having your whole head bleached, it’s an efficient way to spend a lunch break!

  2. #LunchDate [20+] : We’re not talking about a first date… Grab your colleague or meet a friend and just catch up over your weekends or what your boss did at the last office party. You can be as long (or short) as you like!

  3. LunchBox Theatre [45+]: Yes, you can actually see a play during your lunch break! These normally last 45 minutes, bring along a packed lunch to munch on and you’re sorted -

  4. Call your loved ones [5+]: You’re not too busy, take five minutes to call someone you love. It can relieve stress, put you in a good mood and most of all will make others happy.

  5. Give Blood [10-30]: It takes ten minutes to give blood and save lives. Find your nearest blood station here:

  6. Visit Van Gogh for lunch [30+]: Get cultured and visit an art gallery or museum, London is full of them!

  7. Virgin Active TwentyFour class [24+]: It’s brutal but worth it! Get fit and burn off your breakfast in only 24 minutes -

  8. Helicopter Ride [12+]: A little crazy but in 12 minutes you can soak up London from the air, why not? -

  9. Bicycle Race [10-30]: Never underestimate the power of fresh air, whether it’s your own or a Boris bike, hop on and explore your office neighbourhood. Failing this, a walk will do!  

  10. De-stress [10+]: A 10-30 minute massage is just what you need to loosen all those nasty knots! Neck and shoulder massages can be time-efficient and doesn’t break the bank.

  11. Bonus! [5+] A mini basketball tournament! Boosts morale, friendly competition and a great activity to do just to get five minutes away from staring at a screen. It’s up to you how far you take it but we won’t judge you for getting printed team t-shirts!


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