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EatFirst gets a Makeover!

We’ve got a fresh new look!

We began our exciting journey in August and since then we’ve blossomed into a food delivery machine! As we are continually growing as a brand, we decided it was time to transform the original EatFirst design concept into a futuristic one, which makes it even easier for you folks to order and enjoy delicious meals.

Our fresh new look includes:

  • ‘A Quick Bite’ is our brand new blog! Members of the team write short tips and tales about food and fun in London.

  • We have a new and shiny website complete with an improved layout and pages.

  • Our talented techies have transformed our app, both on Android and iOS to enable you to easily order wherever you are with a few taps!  

As this is a big deal to us and we wouldn’t be here without our fellow foodies and customers, we decided to celebrate with 30% off EatFirst meals! Hurrah! The offer will be valid until Friday so head to and use the code: NEWLOOK15 to celebrate with us.


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