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May is National Walking Month! To make the most out of it, we’ve posted our favourite walking trails in London and whether you’re a beginner or own 10 different pairs of hiking boots, you’ll be able to enjoy some of London’s breathtaking scenery!

Central, East & West

Covent Garden: Get lost amongst the boutiques, street performers and cobbled streets. The Seven Dials is best enjoyed early evening, feel free to stop off at one of the wine bars for a drink (or two).

St James’ Park: This park attracts millions of tourists and Londoners a year for a reason; the fountains and immaculately cut grass are something to behold. If you don’t mind sharing the space with other Londoners, it’s great for a day out in the sun.

Street Art Tour, East London: Spot the Banksy among many other works of art by having a guided walk around Shoreditch -

North and South

Wimbledon: Wimbledon common is 1,140 acres and with a golf course, a windmill and a lake there’s a lot of scenery to admire. Also, don’t miss Cannizaro Park situated nearby. This is a walk for a Sunday morning, the more dogs you bring, the better!

Primrose Hill: A picturesque area of North London. It’s best to visit with a picnic blanket, a few snacks and beverages so you can sit back, relax and absorb a fantastic view of London.   

For more information on how you can get involved with #WalkThisMay during National Walking Month, please visit the Living Streets website:


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