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How to host a legendary BBQ

Dig out your Hawaiian shirts and dust off the lawn mower for National BBQ Week! If you’re hosting an event in your back garden to celebrate, we salute you. However, to pull off an epic, BBQ bash you must consider all the elements, here’s our checklist:

BBQ/Smoker: The most important feature; transform average BBQ food into a succulent and smoked experience - here's where you can start looking.

Essentials: Paper plates (saves washing up), Plastic cutlery (reusable), Cool cups (the funkier, the better), Coloured straws (never underestimate the power of a decorative straw)

Pimms: You can’t host a BBQ without this beverage, but make it even more enticing with a jazzy jug - M&S have got it right.

Food: Cater for everyone. Veggie dishes can be delicious on a BBQ! Try marinating Halloumi and Courgette skewers in a mint, coriander and olive oil mix overnight - delicious.

Music: Create or search for 3 standard playlists to fluidly take you from morning (belters to help you get in the party mood) to afternoon (old school tunes) to evening (club classics).

Decorations: Bunting, fairy lights, comical napkins… You get the idea.

Added touch: Fill a wheelbarrow with ice and keep the chilled beverages in it - saves on fridge space!

We hope this checklist will aid you in planning your Summer soiree. May Brits rejoice this week to celebrate good food and good company. Happy National BBQ Week!


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