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How to Master the #Instafood Snap

You’re out for dinner with a friend and your food is placed in front of you; it smells incredible. You immediately grasp your cutlery, excited to eat, but your friend is standing, crouched over their plate, clutching at their phone and fiddling with the positioning of the cutlery...

You think, “are you really that desperate to Instagram your dinner?” The answer is, yes. ‘Food’ is in the top 25 most used hashtags in the Instagram world, so if you’re looking to improve your Instagram foodie status then we have a few tips.  


  • Placement is everything, from the napkin to each individual pea.
  • Lighting is essential for any good photograph, natural light is a natural colour and whiteness enhancer. But we’re all for a dark, rich image with the only light source coming from fairy lights...
  • Angle is a tricky one. We recommend a bird’s-eye angle, this way you can visualise the whole dish. There is also the occasional close-up shot with the camera at the same level as the plate.

Once you have followed these steps, select a filter that improves the image (if there isn’t one you like, go with the #nofilter hashtag). There you have it! If you need further inspiration, here are a few of our favourite food instagram accounts:

@julieskitchen, @rosielondoner, @ClerkenwellboyeC1

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