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How To Survive The Festival Season

Festival season is here, finally! Preparation is the key to surviving the weekend and we have a few tips for foods that you should be packing...

Keep your skin free of toxins and always looking fresh with strawberries, blueberries and oranges. All contain vitamins that will help prevent large bags and tired, dry skin. Pack in a tupperware and store in a cool box.

Dancing late (or should we say early) into the morning is a given but don’t let your energy keep you from enjoying the sun! Dried fruits mixed with walnuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds contain a vital amount of zinc, known to aid thinking skills and boosting energy. Also to store in your cool box is dark chocolate, it’s proven to improve the blood flow to the brain.

Having a good time at a festival, usually means putting your liver through a workout. Carrots and apples are great for cleansing so keep stocked up with raw carrot sticks or make a fresh carrot, apple and orange juice when you return to really feel the benefits!

Most importantly, enjoy yourself! Here are our favourite London festivals coming up:

British Summer Time in Hyde Park -

Lovebox Festival in Victoria Park -

Camdon Lock Live in Camden -


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