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Italian Pizza, at its best

People think of pizza as unhealthy, but like any food, there are always healthier options out there. For example, Dominos is renowned for its thick stuffed cheesy crusts, but also for dripping grease all over your carpet. There are plenty of homemade Italian made pizzas that offer fresh ingredients and that are made with love! Our Italian Operations Manager, Carlo, happens to know just where to find them...

Franco Manca: Began in the famous Brixton Market, due to popularity they managed to expand to become a chain of fantastic restaurants. You may be concerned that they’ve lost their high performance of pizza making after rising high… Not the case. They produce easily some of the best Italian pizzas in London.

Arancina Pizzeria: Started by two Italian brothers, serving “Pizza alla Pala” (pizza slices) and other Sicilian products, plus their own branded coffee. More useful as a quick visit rather than a sit down meal but, this place top notch.

Voodoo Ray’s: One of Dalston’s biggest attractions! Huge American-style pizzas, full of fresh toppings, which are served by the slice. They’re now open at BoxPark in Shoreditch.

Crate Brewery: A famous micro-brewery in East London, who serve their unique beers with thin, crispy pizzas! There is a limited menu but their Prosciutto, Rocket and Parmesan with balsamic reduction is one to try. It also gets very busy but don’t let that put you off, the atmosphere is truly enjoyable and a great Saturday night out.

Santa Maria/Sacro Cuore: They are famous amongst the Italian community for one reason: their traditional and delicious pizza! You can find them in Ealing.


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