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Our Guest Chefs: Savage Salads!

EatFirst presents Savage Salads as Guest Chef of the month!

“You don’t win friends with salad.” - Homer Simpson. Sorry Homer, but we disagree. We’ve been on an extraordinary food journey since we began, and we’ve met many friends along the way. We felt it was time to start collaborating with them so that Londoners could experience even more delicious food, starting with Savage Salads.

Savage Salads is the London based ‘brainchild’ of Italian chef Davide and Swedish foodie and former restaurant manager, Kristina. They produce gourmet food from their street stall in the heart of Soho. Like EatFirst, they're passionate about fresh food and provide healthier, tastier meals than what’s already on offer. 

Now for some exciting news… Savage Salads will be providing our chefs with some of their own sensational salad recipes. Every Wednesday over the whole of July, we will be delivering Savage-like salads to hungry Londoners! Today’s recipes include Tender chicken breast, marinated with thyme and rosemary, with a mixture of curly kale, grilled peppers and couscous. Plus, basil marinated mozzarella with Mediterranean and panzanella salad.

Thyme and Rosemary Marinated Chicken

Thyme and Rosemary Marinated Chicken

We’re still keeping the EatFirst promise of 15 minutes delivery, and easy to order process via our app or website so that more can enjoy the deliciousness of Savage Salads! So, if you have experienced these salads then good on you and we look forward to seeing you, if you haven’t then prepare yourself for the awesome lunch that’s coming your way!

Enjoy your Savage Salads! Love the EatFirst team x


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