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Wimbledon Bingo!

Sun, tennis and a glass of Pimms is just what we Brits crave for in the early stages of Summer. There’s one place which, if it doesn’t rain, offers all 3 things; The Wimbledon Championships.  

Whether you’re planning a trip there to watch Murray master his forehand or just for an ace (excuse the pun) day out, here’s some things to look out for:

  1.   Debates over whether it’s, ‘Henman Hill’ or ‘Murray Mound’ - does it really matter?
  2. Wimbledon Couture - classic gift shop purchases.

  3. A 90’s style sports cap - the only place it’s acceptable to wear them.

  4. A bashful celebrity - make sure you bring your selfie stick!

  5. The official logo - is everywhere.

  6. A fruit-filled jug of Pimms - sold at every bar on the premises.

  7. The cup itself - who do you want to see win it this year?

  8. Strawberries and cream - a rather fine afternoon snack.


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