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An Insight into Savage Salads

We pride ourselves on our creative recipes and fresh ingredients. When we discovered the team behind Savage Salads felt the same way about their business, we knew we could come up with something special for our customers! It’s the second week of our partnership, so we dropped by their stall in Soho to have a chat with one of the co-founders, Kristina.

1. You’re very involved in the London street food scene. Why did you decide to partner with EatFirst?

We really like the concept of EatFirst and the food we have tried has been delicious. Also it is a great opportunity to collaborate with likeminded people who have the same food ethos as ourselves.

2. Why did you start Savage Salads?

Both Davide and I were working in catering and restaurants for over 10 years before we started Savage Salads. Starting our own business was a natural step for us and as we both love a good salad we realised there was a lack of good salad places in London and decided to start Savage Salads.    

3. What’s your favourite Savage Salads recipe? There are so many to pick from!

Our favourite recipes are constantly changing with the seasons and weather. At the moment our favourite recipe is Davide’s Panzanella which is a traditional italian tomato and bread salad. It is great in the summer and on a hot summers day and is lovely on it’s own or with grilled meat or cheese.

4. Why did you set up in London?

Davide and I met in London when we were working in the same restaurant so it seemed like the best place to start. Also Londoners are pretty health conscious and we thought that they really would appreciate good salads, and they did :-)

5. What do you love most about your job?

We love meeting our customers every day and to be able to serve them something we are proud of. We also love working outdoors in the summer and being a part of the british street food revolution!

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