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Natural Cold Remedies

Despite it still being August, there are colds, viruses and bugs ‘going around’. This is because the cold virus can replicate easily in cool conditions, and when the humidity drops, it can survive better. Early Spring and early Autumn is when you should be looking after yourself.

With September looming over us already, it’s best to be armed with some of the best natural cures for the common cold.

  • Tea: Obviously. But try a small cup of sage tea, it has a history for being used in Chinese medicine to cure colds.

  • Chicken Soup: It tastes even better if someone else makes it for you (if only).

  • Ditch the supermarket juice: Added sugars stop the white blood cells from fighting infection.

  • Vitamin C: Make sure broccoli and red bell peppers are in your shopping basket.

  • Ginger, honey and lemon: Add all these to hot water for an effective throat soother. Ginger for an anti-inflammatory, honey to coat your throat and the lemon to boost your immune system.

  • Steam: Inhaling steam with a few drops of eucalyptus oil gets the best results for clearing your sinuses.  

Most of these cures are common knowledge because they actually work! If you don’t boost your immune system or increase your intake of vitamins, you run the risk of falling ill soon after you’ve recovered.


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