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Green is the New Healthy

Every year new food trends sprout from the ground as if from nowhere. Some are recycled trends from the 80’s, but a few have been laying in the undergrowth just waiting to be discovered and mass produced. Quinoa is a good example of this.

The most common predictions at the start of 2015 were: freekeh, cauliflower, digital dining, ugly vegetables, eating out but in and 3D printed food. While we only have just over 3 months left of the year, we’ve had a look to see if these predictions were right.

  • Freekeh: After quinoa, this was the next logical step. A similar type of barley is mentioned in the Bible, whoosh to 2015 and it’s everywhere!

  • Cauliflower: A standard, if not bland vegetable. Now it’s being used as healthier pizza bases and rice.

  • Digital dining: No need to awkwardly play charades with the waiter for the bill, in many restaurants you can now pay through an app. As it’s so convenient, it’s rising in popularity.

  • Ugly vegetables: Jamie Oliver began promoting ‘wonky’ or ‘ugly’ veg, which prompted Asda to start selling them too, to prevent extra waste.

  • Eating out but in: Meals that come from in-house chefs, restaurants or veg boxes which are then delivered to your home. Offering people with busy lifestyles more time to cook and eat a well-balanced diet.

  • 3D printed food: People are still skeptical about this trend. By this time in 2016, we think it will be on the rise.

We’re excited to discover the food trends that 2016 will bring!

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