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London Street Food, But Not as You Know it

The London street food scene has always thrived, but it’s only really the price and the food that’s changed over the years. We’ve turned back time to the Victorian era, where the food sold on the streets was not what you’d expect...

Seafood was very common on the streets of London, the usual choices were between eels, fried fish, pickled whelks and oysters. Pickling was a standard technique to keep the food fresher for longer. Although it was impossible to judge exactly how fresh the food was before it was pickled. For more of a meaty snack there were meat pies and sheep’s trotters to gnaw on. Perfect for a midday or midnight meal!

Fruit tarts and plum duff were the sweeter options available. Plum duff is a traditional English boiled pudding, made with raisins or currants. It was quite dense and heavy, so was very popular with the working class as it would fill them up for the day.

To get refreshed there were offerings of ginger beer, lemonade and saloop. Saloop was a hot beverage made from ground orchid roots. It was sweetened with milk and sugar and replaced tea and coffee as they were much more expensive.

London street food has certainly moved on from its old Victorian ways. But it’s impressive that we’ve developed this love for convenient fast food and how vendors and chefs are constantly creating new, fresh treats for the public to enjoy anytime and anywhere!

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