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Which Instagram Filter is Right for You?

Choosing an Instagram filter for one’s food picture can be a treacherous decision. Do I go with Amaro to look natural and Summer loving? Or mysterious and moody with X-Pro II? Well, your decision making just got easier because we’ve ranked our top 5 filters!

5. X-Pro II: Dark corners and harsh shadows; this one means business. Best used on dishes like cottage pie or lasagna.

4. Amaro: The blue tinge compliments a good salad, however it can make some food look well… blue. So use with caution.

3. Inkwell: For when Willow just doesn’t look pretentious enough.

2. Valencia: All subjects look brighter with a warm tint. This filter makes cake look even more scrumptious and gives BBQ food a Summer sunlight boost.

1. Mayfair: All hail the filter which rolls contrast, saturation and brightness into one! Suitable for any picture, at any time of day. It’s our rock.

Whatever filter you decide on, never underestimate the power of the #nofilter. Just up the brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness and you have yourself a perfectly good #foodporn, #instafood worthy photo!

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