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Sides To Shape Your Dinner

Are you someone who can’t resist a cheeky side dish? You’re not alone. We believe that a side can make a meal, whether enjoyed as a starter to get your taste buds tingling, sharing them with your friends or simply on the side of your main; they’re always a charming companion to a meal.

Our menu this week consists of side dishes that were designed by our chef, Jane Tran. All are prepared and cooked by her and her kitchen team, using fresh ingredients, before being delivered to you for lunch and dinner. If you’re hungry, we warn you that there is delicious content below:

  • Return of the Mash: Miso Mash - Our side of creamy mashed potato is whipped with milk and miso butter and sprinkled with fresh chives. Great with our Baby Back Pork Ribs.

  • Fries with a Twist: Polenta Fries - These bite-size polenta fries are baked for a guilt-free treat that's full of flavour. Served with a gorgonzola dipping sauce. These are the perfect starter to our Aubergine Parmigiana.

  • Vegan Dreams: Vegan Baked Sweet Potato - Baked sweet potato adorned with spiced chickpeas, tahini dressing and herb marinated cherry tomatoes. Served with a side of harissa for the daring. Delightful as a side or even a light dinner.

  • Magic of the Miso: Miso Aubergine - Miso baked aubergine, spring onions and grated mooli. Want even more Miso? Enjoy this alongside our White Miso Sea Bream.

  • Not Naughty but Nice: Korean Chicken Wings - These spicy "faux" fried chicken wings are marinated for 24 hours before being baked and then reglazed with our Korean honey-chilli glaze. These wings are great for sharing!

Read the side signs and visit for lunch and dinner options. All of the above is available this week!  


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