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The Avocado Takeover

If you haven’t noticed that avocados have taken over (let’s face it) the world, then you’re living under a rock, and we suggest you get out to experience the ‘avo obsession’.

Let’s evaluate just how obsessed we are with this bright green fruit. Pinterest revealed late last year that avocado was the most pinned ingredient, to be specific “avocados baked in eggs” were incredibly popular. Instagrammers got involved with the trend too, with the hashtag #avocado having millions of posts and growing. Not to mention they’re dominating food blogs, recipe books, celeb health guides, food magazines and the list goes on!   

You also never know where you’re going to find them, they seem to pop up in the most unlikely places. Meaning that if you don’t like them (which is unfortunate) then it’s not just guacamole that you have to be afraid of. From Hemsley + Hemsley’s lime and avocado cheesecake to certain branches of McDonalds or even mysteriously hiding in pesto, you will see this green fruit mushed, spread over, chopped, blended and even baked. Being suitable for both sweet and savoury dishes, there’s really no stopping it. Or is there?

In 2015 there were many articles announcing that we should fear the worst, and face up to the fact that avocados won’t be around forever. While there hasn’t been any massive developments on this threat, last week we were made aware that due to heavy rainfall Australians will now have to pay on average $6 for each avocado. And as Australians practically live off avocados, at least for breakfast and brunch, they should expect to pay over $30 for #avotoast - shocking!

Saying all of this, it’s not so ridiculous everyone is in love with them; they’re high in vitamin K, C, B5, B6, as well as folate, potassium and fibre. If that wasn’t enough, they also provide good fatty acids, have anti-inflammatory properties and help prevent heart disease and lower cholesterol. If that’s not a ‘superfood’ we don’t know what is.

Why are we writing all this? To sum up, we have a brand new dish out called, Green Chopped Salad. It consists of chicory, broccoli and puffed wild rice, which are tossed with fresh herbs. To make the dressing, you guessed it, avocado is pureed with miso and dried olives for a well balanced, sweet and creamy dressing. So basically, we’re finally jumping onto the avo love train and we think you should join us, you now have no excuse! Order this superfood salad at!



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