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The Team Talks... Favourite Food Pairs

How do you make a dish great? Obviously, there are many different answers to this culinary question, but one of them has to be the pairing of ingredients. At EatFirst, we’re talking about two ingredients that we love individually, but when joined together can create something magical. For example, salt and vinegar = one of the all time best crisp flavours.

The Verdict

As you may have guessed, everyone in the EatFirst team is a passionate foodie. So these food pairs are both familiar and slightly more… interesting:

Rahul, Co-Founder: Cheese + Honey

Catherine, PR and Social Media: Prawns + Lime, even better on a BBQ.

Iciar, Marketing: Chocolate + Salt Bread Sticks, salt and sweet would win for me every time!

Fabian, Operations: Chicken + Chorizo

Karim, Kitchen Operations: Sausage + Mash, I had to go with a classic.

Pedro, Marketing: Halloumi + Sweet Potato, I love this combination so much that I honestly could eat it every day!

Goncalo, UK Manager: Banana + Quince Cheese

Jack, Customer Services: Tomatoes + Mozzarella, gotta love Italian! Add some basil and that is a winning combination.

Benn, Head Chef: BBQ Scallops + Lemon

What’s your favourite food pair? We’d love to know! And you might even see it in one of our brand new dishes on the menu… Find us on Twitter (@EatFirstHQ) and tell us your favourite food pair!













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