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The Secret to a Healthier January

It’s hard not to feel the pressure to jump onto the 2016 healthy wagon in the new year. Especially if yes, you did eat, drink and feel merry over the holidays so as a result put on a few unwanted pounds. But what if you don’t want to drown in a kale and cabbage broth diet? Or what if your busy lifestyle doesn’t allow you to cook homemade, nutritious meals? We have a solution for you.

Over the holidays, we’ve perfected meals that are packed with the all goodness your body needs, mixing and matching fresh, full-flavoured ingredients you love. All throughout January we’re offering these healthy, heavenly meals; expect some EatFirst classics as well as brand new creations so that eating well is made effortless. Not to mention we have a large variety suitable for meat eaters, vegetarians and even gluten-free foodies! Here’s a preview of what you can expect this month:

The Classics

  • Salmon Teriyaki: Simplicity at its best. Scottish salmon fillets are marinated in our homemade teriyaki sauce. Served with jasmine rice and quinoa pilaf, a mix of bok choy, baby corn and shiitake mushrooms. Salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids and an excellent source of protein, vitamin B12 and D. Whilst bok choy and quinoa provide a good dose of fibre.

  • Roasted Butternut Squash Salad: Butternut squash is marinated in thyme & garlic, seared and roasted. The endives' slightly bitter flavour is sweetened with a tomato jam. The dressing is made with extra virgin Rapeseed oil, rich in omega 3 and 40% less fat than olive oil. Butternut Squash is low in fat and provides significant amounts of potassium, which improves heart and kidney health.

For Something A Little Different

  • Yuzu Miso Cod: Cod fillet is flavoured with Yuzu, a unique and zesty fruit of Japan. Served alongside is sushi rice and an edamame, cucumber, shiso and radish salad.

These meals are available this week and will be on our menu throughout January to provide you with a more exciting choice when it comes to a healthy lunch or dinner. In our next blog post we’ll be looking at even more options that January has to offer, but until then feel free to pre-order from our daily-changing menu on our app or   


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