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EatFirst: Meals designed for delivery - See how it works

We produced this short film to showcase the unique processes that go into creating and delivering our meals here at EatFirst. 

Since starting in 2014, our mission has been to deliver the very best meal experience to our customers. With this in mind, our team redesigned the traditional approach to take away and we started cooking, then blast chilling meals fresh, healthy meals for delivery to customers. 

Today, EatFirst has a staff of twenty top chefs from some of the capital’s finest establishments, housed in a state-of-the-art professional kitchen in East London, led by Head Chef Benn Hodges.  

We have two meal categories: ‘Ready To Heat’, including top sellers like grilled baby chicken, salmon teriyaki, and flat iron steak, and ‘Ready To Eat’, showcasing favourites like fattoush salad, grilled chicken Caesar salad, and crème caramel desserts.

Fine wines are supplied by ‘sommelier in residence’ Bottle Apostle, whose passion for sourcing small-scale, high-quality wines perfectly complements the attention to detail put into creating new meals.

Our drivers deliver to selected neighbourhoods in London zones 1 to 3, if you have not tried EatFirst recently visit us today to try our delicious new meals. 

Grilled Baby Chicken by Head Chef Benn Hodges: £8.95

Grilled Baby Chicken by Head Chef Benn Hodges: £8.95



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