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How to.... Plate a Thai Beef Panang curry

At EatFirst all our meals are designed for delivery. This is the first in a series of 'How to...' posts about our meals and how you can quickly and easily create beautiful dishes at home or work.

Head Chef Benn Hodges loves Asian food and has fond memories of travels around Thailand. With this in mind, he created a delicious interpretation of the classic Thai Beef Panang Curry. 

Using 15 specially selected aromatics and spices Benn has created a sauce that is thick, sweet, and salty with nutty savoury taste. Beef cheeks are braised for 24 hours and combined with roasted butternut squash, served with jasmin rice and fresh herb garnishes. 

All EatFirst meals are packed into recyclable sugar cane containers. The different components of the meal are separated out - the sauce, rice, beef and vegetables. 

Remove the recyclable lid and sleeve to see the individual elements of the meal. 

Each meal comes with an instruction card. On the card is a description of the meal, the ingredients, allergen information and heating instructions for both oven and microwave. 

To create the perfect curry set the salad and nahm jim dressing on the side. Heat beef, roast squash and rice for 1 minute in the microwave. Add the pot of sauce and heat for a further 2 minutes. Put rice in the bottom of a large bowl. Add slices of beef, roasted squash and sliced cucumber spoon over sauce and pour the remainder into a little bowl.

Decorate with chillies, bean sprouts and coriander, and enjoy. 





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