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Ingredient spotlight: Fresh Coriander

The fact is, our chefs love coriander. They love it. “It’s fresh, zesty and goes beautifully with so many foods, especially with seafood and meat.” - Chef Benn Hodges

We source our coriander from Covent Garden Market, so we know it’s guaranteed fresh everyday. And by fresh, we mean full-flavoured, bright green, crunchy and still has it’s nutrients. Yes, coriander has real health benefits! It’s full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and vitamin A. It also helps lower cholesterol and helps liver function.

Now we know why we’re so hyped up about coriander, here’s where you can find it on our menu:

  • Baby Back Pork Ribs: A favourite dish within the EatFirst team; they’re everything you dream of in a portion of ribs. They’re glazed in a sticky, sweet chilli and sesame sauce and braised to make the meat tender. We serve as a garnish cashew nuts, spring onion and coriander, this combination turns the ribs from being tasty to something special.

  • Pork Belly Bao: Our hoisin-chilli glazed pork belly arrives tucked into steamed buns, but we serve the fresh chillies, spring onion, pickled daikon, carrot and coriander in a separate pot on the side. This is so you can add as little or as much as you like. Once you’ve heated the bao’s and paired with the sriracha mayo, these cute little bao’s are ready to eat.

  • Grilled Baby Chicken: Chicken wings are basted with an aromatic, chilli and lemon glaze, before being chargrilled for a smokey BBQ flavour. Served on the side is roasted aubergine and bonito flakes. We serve spring onion, half a lemon and a generous helping of coriander.

baby chicken.jpg
  • Prawn and Kimchi Fried Rice: This dish was one of our Chinese New Year specials, but was so popular that we kept it on the menu for good! Wok seared prawns are tossed in ginger and garlic, and added to fried rice. The dish is finished off with coriander and kimchi, to add a touch of freshness and heat.

The next step for you is to explore the EatFirst menu, and find the coriander dish for you!

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