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EatFirst's Chinese New Year Menu

Chinese cuisine is obviously one of the most delicious and most popular in the world, and this week we’re celebrating just how much we love it. Chefs Benn Hodges and Jane Tran have created three dishes that consist of traditional flavours, spices, herbs and aromas to offer real Chinese cuisine to EatFirst customers.

First up is Benn’s Prawn and Kimchi Fried Rice dish. It’s made up of wok seared prawns, which are tossed in fragrant ginger and garlic, then finished off with coriander and kimchi, to add a touch of freshness and heat. A main dish with strong flavours and a succulent taste.

Next is the Xi’an Lamb with Pulled Noodles by Jane Tran. The British lamb is marinated overnight in a secret Chinese seasoning, spices and chillies before being slow-cooked, to get the meat tender. It’s then thinly sliced and tossed with beansprouts, spring onion, garlic, chives and our house Asian seasoning sauce. Jane’s recipe calls for hand pulled thick noodles which adds a real traditional factor.

To finish, Almond Pudding with Lychee and Lime. This Chinese pudding is made from almonds and soy milk for a creamy, nutty and light base. Served with sweet palm heart, fresh strawberries, lychees and honey. “The fruits are mixed with a little lime zest to give it more shazam!” - Chef Benn Hodges.

All three of these freshly prepared dishes are available from 1st February to 12th February, meaning you can celebrate Chinese New Year all week! So as it’s the year of the Monkey, we urge you to order a cheeky lunch or dinner from EatFirst and try our take on traditional Chinese cuisine!

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