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Put a Spring in Your Step

With Spring being just around the corner, we’re wanted to welcome the season with something special. Introducing our new range of homemade smoothies and fresh juices! All are packed full of vitamins, fresh taste and pure goodness. Experience the delights of these colourful combinations:

EatFirst ABC Juice Range

Cleanse your body with the EatFirst ABC juice range! Each one is made by hand, fresh everyday in our kitchen.

‘A’ Maze: For our 'A' Team juice, we use only (you guessed it) the best ingredients! A perfect match of apple, celery and ginger.

‘B’ Healthy: Our 'B' Healthy juice is guaranteed to boost your mood, with beetroot being the star, and added apple and ginger.

‘C’ Clearly: Carrot is the main attraction in this juice, bringing beta-carotenes and vitamins C and A. We balance the flavour with apples and ginger. A powerful immune and vision booster!

Homemade Smoothies

Our smoothies are made in-house daily, ensuring high-quality blends. No ‘use by’ dates here, only freshness!

Kale Avocado Superfood Smoothie: Our superfood smoothie is made with 100% raw ingredients: kale, avocado, ginger, spinach, cucumber, kiwi and pineapple. Using blenders with super high speeds, helps us retain all the nutrients.

Protein-Packed Superfood Smoothie: Our protein-packed smoothie is made with coconut milk, strawberries, bananas, apples, apricots, nuts and grains. Using blenders with super high speeds, we retain all the nutrients.

Visit the EatFirst website to choose your favourites and give your body something it will love.

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