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The Pancake Day of Dreams

Londoners, the day is almost upon us. The one day a year where it is not only acceptable, but we’re actually encouraged to eat as many pancakes as humanly possible. Being a cultural, contemporary food company - how could we not participate?

Our aim was to make the pancake day of dreams, which just to clarify is made up of three types of pancake with three different toppings. What’s more, two of the pancake recipes available were created by our French chef, Guillaume Tredez. That’s right, a French chef is cooking your traditional French crêpes this week! So, enough chat - here’s the big reveal:

The “Complete” Buckwheat Crêpe: A traditional French crêpe from Normandy, filled with ham, Emmental cheese and thyme and tarragon wild mushrooms. On the side is a baby mixed leaf and tomato salad.

Grilled Banana And Bacon Pancakes: Buttermilk pancakes are accompanied with smoked streaky bacon, bananas grilled in caramel and honeycomb butter. This is our version of the classic sweet and savoury pancake, meaning they're ideal for breakfast, lunch and dinner! This beauty was designed by our Australian head chef, Benn Hodges.

Crêpe Suzette: Traditional French crêpes, served with a creamy orange curd, a Grand Marnier-infused caramel, juicy orange segments and toasted whole hazelnuts for a bit of crunch. A naughty but nice treat that just can’t be missed.

What a line up! But fellow pancake lovers, let’s not forget why we have this beloved pancake day. Known to many as “Shrove Tuesday”, this day marks the last day to ‘gorge’ ourselves before commencing Lent on Ash Wednesday. Which means, even it’s origin suggests that we should consume as many pancakes as humanly possible… So, go forth dear friends and visit Enjoy the pancake day of your dreams!

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