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The EatFirst Shepherd's Pie

Shepherd’s pie is a comfort food favourite and a legendary dish. It’s hearty, wholesome and can charm anyone who takes a bite. We knew our shepherd’s pie had to be more than just lamb and potatoes; it had to not only excite the tastebuds but evoke nostalgia. Take a look at our Meat, Mash & Side combo.

THE MEAT is British lean lamb mince simmered in Benn’s homemade sauce for over six hours. The sauce is a winning mix of rustic root veggies, herbaceous delights and well-known condiments. See if you can taste the tomato ketchup, star anise, rioja red wine, worcestershire sauce and the one and only marmite! As well as chestnut mushrooms, chunky carrots, celery and fresh rosemary and mint.

THE MASH has to be fluffy, smooth and well-seasoned. We whip Agria potatoes, semi-skimmed milk, butter and horseradish together and season with salt and pepper.

& THE SIDE adds sweetness and colour to this classic dish. We pickle red cabbage in red wine vinegar, star anise, cloves, thyme, bay leaves and allspice berries. Topped with fresh, green pea tendrils.

There you have it, our breakdown of the classic Shepherd’s Pie. This one is available for lunch and dinner today to celebrate the one and only St Patrick’s Day! Visit now for shepherd’s pie aldesko or to enjoy for dinner at home.  

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