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Five Foods Towards Happiness

When it comes to happiness, many studies over the years have brought it back to what we eat. After all, for the body to survive it needs food, this fact has been known since we made our first appearance on planet Earth. Therefore, it’s not surprising that certain foods can affect your emotions, your hormones and brain chemicals.

Food is powerful in many ways and not only keeps us alive and strong but supplies us with the nutrients we need to advance as human beings, including feeling happy. Certain foods can naturally tap into our serotonin levels, give us a good night’s sleep and even stimulate the production of endorphins. We’re sharing our top five foods that are all linked to you feeling positive, energised and awesome!  

Bananas and Avocados: Eat them on the go, chop them up onto your morning yogurt or even grill them on a BBQ, because these beauties are bursting with magnesium. Magnesium is involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions, including metabolism of food. It also relaxes the muscles and aids a good night’s sleep, which is vital for brain function and overall positivity the next day.  

Fish: Everyone knows that fish is high in essential omega-3 fatty acids, but did you know that salmon will also improve your body’s cell ability to take on the happy hormones? Well, you do now!

Dark Chocolate: Chocolate releases glorious dopamine, which is usually released when you experience anything positive or pleasurable, from laughter to adrenaline. A small square of dark chocolate is enough for the brain to engage in similar positive emotions, explaining why we like to gorge on chocolate after a negative or depressing experience, such as a break up. But you don’t need much to start feeling the buzz.

Sesame Seeds, Seaweed and Red Meat: All of these contain Tryptophan, an essential amino acid that is present in protein and when combined with other amino acids helps produce serotonin - the happy hormone.

Leafy Greens: Most green leaves offer folate, which has a strong connection between the production of multiple neurotransmitters (especially serotonin and dopamine). Low levels of folate have been linked to cases of depression.

It’s natural to have bad days or even moments of negativity but don’t let one fleeting moment of anxiety or anger result in an overall pessimistic outlook on your day. In order for you to wake up refreshed, remain energised, and allow your brain to absorb and release the happy chemicals then you need nourishment. These five foods are just a starting point, it’s up to you to equip your body and brain with what they need to function at their best!

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