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Our food - fresh and full of energy

At EatFirst our chefs love playing with fresh, seasonal produce when they design new dishes, which is why we thought it would be nice to bring our ingredients to life in a fun, short film. Here you can see our classic Fattoush salad, tomatoes, and croutons jumping around and getting all excited about going into the box. 

All our meals are designed specifically for delivery, from the ingredients we use, to the packaging they are presented in. We don't have a physical restaurant, and all our meals are delivered chilled, so we can guarantee the quality of the meal experience.

If we delivered food to you hot, it would keep cooking in transit for 20+ minutes, and the quality would undoubtedly deteriorate. That's why we looked at the experience first then built a modern takeaway company around you - the customer. 

Our meals are cooked fresh every day, blast chilled, then plated in specially developed packaging. Each meal comes with a card that shows you the ingredients and preparation instructions. If your meal requires heating then our meal cards show two different options - oven or microwave - which are easy and convenient for finishing off the preparation at home or work. 

EatFirst is a modern, forward-thinking food company, full of passionate people who share a common goal - to deliver the very best meal experience.  

Watch this space for more short films showcasing innovation and creativity from the EatFirst Kitchen. 

At home with Head Chef Benn Hodges

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