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At home with Head Chef Benn Hodges

This week EatFirst's resident Instagrammer Anja travelled north to Crouch End for a photoshoot with Head Chef Benn Hodges.  

Having just returned from a tasting tour along the Amalfi coast, Benn was full of the joys of summer. He brought tales of secluded beaches, rock driving, scenic coastal drives, and picture postcard whitewashed villages that made us green with envy.           

As a top chef, Benn's focus always comes back to food. Benn talked about tasting the most incredible burrata cheeses, bottarga and stuffed courgette flowers, washed down with crisp chilled rose wines and the ubiquitous limoncello.  

Benn is an avid gardener and thanks to a steady mix of heat and rain in North London, he arrived back to a bumper harvest of gigantic vegetables and beautiful flowers. He’s planning a few dinner parties this week to share the bounty with friends and family.

Needless to say, Benn's head is spinning with exciting ideas for new EatFirst dishes and our taste buds are buzzing too. 




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