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EatFirst meets Cannon & Cannon


This week we ventured down to Borough Market to enjoy one of our most eagerly anticipated food tastings of the year, British Charcuterie. 

Cannon & Cannon distribute the very best British cured meats and are champions of the rapidly emerging charcuterie industry. They are passionate about their farmers, charcutiers and products with provenance. We saw the connection between our two businesses immediately. 

EatFirst's Head Chef Benn Hodges met with Cannon & Cannon Managing Director Sean Cannon. His meats are sourced from twenty-three different UK based small producers. Venison from the Highlands of Scotland, mutton from Blackface Dorset Lambs, sherry infused sausages from Sussex and culatello from Hackney in London. 

Sean and Benn spent hours discussing textures, flavours, cuts, curing methods and the best pairing options. What started out as a quick discussion about a new EatFirst charcuterie board, ended with a mouthwatering selection of ideas to incorporate British cured meats into new EatFirst dishes. 

All our suppliers are passionate about their produce, from the freshest seafood to the tastiest vegetables. We're looking forward to finalising the cured meats range with Sean and the team at Cannon &Cannon, keep an eye on our social channels for further updates. 



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