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New Year New Habit

This January, as part of our New You campaign, we’re going to focus on making a positive change to routines in your life that will benefit your health, whether that is taking exercise or changing your diet.

To celebrate this we have launched a partnership with master coffee brewers Caffè Nero. With a free coffee, every week for the next 3 months, EatFirst can kick-start your week and get you motivated to be healthy.

As well as giving you that essential boost to get you going, a cup of coffee a day has some incredible health benefits, such as antioxidants and helping reduce the risk of heart disease.

If you’ve not tried EatFirst yet now’s a perfect time, place a £30+ order in January and you'll receive 12 weekly £2.50 coffee eGift Cards for Caffè Nero, worth £30.

Kick the bad habits, 2018 is the new you.

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