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A Gift for Mother's Day

We all love our mothers. They care for us, look after us and cook delicious meals when we're back home with them.

Mother's Day is our chance to say "thanks for being amazing, mum". 

At EatFirst we want our customers to be able to give their mothers something extra special on Mother's Day. Which is why we collaborated with East London florists Grace & Thorn to create a special bunch of flowers to give to mums with an order of brunch this weekend. 

We call it 'Brunch and a Bunch' and it's exclusive to EatFirst. We're got 50 beautiful, sweet smelling bunches of flowers to give to our customers.

All people have to do it is click on 'Free Mother's Day Flowers', add to cart and your flowers will be sent with your weekend brunch order

What more could mothers ask for? Have a wonderful weekend. 

Far too good to go to waste....

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