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Far too good to go to waste....

Here at EatFirst we are committed to reducing our environmental impact. To help us do this, we have teamed up with Too Good To Go, a social enterprise and mobile app which helps to save quality food from going to waste.

We want all of our freshly-made meals to be enjoyed but occasionally we have a few surplus ones available. To find these meals a good home, we update the Too Good To Go app to let people in our neighborhood know we have items available. People then order and collect one of our delicious dishes for a fraction of the normal price direct from our kitchens. 

It’s win-win-win: Our excess meals are rescued; Perfectly good food doesn’t go to waste and people can dine-in for less than the normal.

You should download the app today, and try this earth-saving, wallet helping alternative. 

Photo Credit: Linda Næsfeldt

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