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EatFirst loves Italy

EatFirst loves Italy | Interview with Chef Edoardo Putzu

Our interview with Italian Head Chef Edouardo...

What earliest memories of South Italian cooking?

“Coming from a very traditional South Italian family cooking was a very important family occasion, my Mother & Grandmother would normally be in the kitchen and I would do my best to help them. They are both amazing cooks, especially my Grandmother who I would spend a lot of time with during my childhood, my earliest cooking memory is probably with her, making Pasta Fresca.”

Who is your biggest culinary influence?

“Probably Cristiano Andreini, he is where it all began. It was my first job straight out of culinary school, he taught me what it means to be a chef and still influences a lot of things I still do to this day. From him I learnt to appreciate the produce you are using and to take great care of the presentation of the food you are serving.”

Favourite ingredient to cook with?

“I could never choose just one, Pasta of course and probably fish, shellfish in particular. I think that is the perfect pairing and it reminds me of home.”

Favourite EatFirst dish?

“Grilled Baby Chicken or the Pork ribs, keep your eyes peeled for them when they are back on the menu.”

What is your favourite family meal?

“Fregola with Clams and Mussels, they say it's the paella of Sardinia, the chewy, dot-shaped semolina pasta comes from the western part of the island, near Oristano, where more than four centuries of Spanish occupation left Catalan influences that are still prominent today.If you have never had it, you should make that your next meal.”

Favourite type of wine?

“You will probably be surprised to hear this but it's a large glass of Sangre Del Toro from Spain (sorry Italy) I keep asking to get this on the menu as it really is an incredible wine.”

What brought you to EatFirst?

“I had worked in hotels, Michelin star restaurants & brasseries of all different sizes and I was just looking for something new and exciting. EatFirst have been amazing, they let me have lots of input, creating my own dishes to share with people across the capital.”

Will you be creating anymore of your amazing dishes? Can you share what they will be?

‘If I told you that I would have to kill you (laughs). I joke, yes there are a few things I have been working on recently, one of them is a proper Italian lasagne and the other which is currently being tested is a tiramisu, I am looking to create the best delivered desert that London has ever seen."

If you haven't tried any of Edo’s dishes be sure to keep your eyes peeled on the menu for when they do pop up, we will let you know in our Weekly Newsletter that goes out every Monday.

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