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Supplier Focus | Flock & Herd

This weeks focus is on our meat supplier Flock & Herd, Chef Benn first met Lyle two years ago when he was working in the Century Club, since then they are now back together providing EatFirst customers with the best meats in London. With boss man Charlie at the helm this Peckham based shop has spent 10 years perfecting the art of butchery. We went down and had a chat with the team to find out a little more about Flock & Herd and what they are up to.

The first thing I notice is this is not your usual butchers, when you walk in there are craft beers, wines, cured meats, meat rubs, smokers as well as the beautifully arranged meat counter. “I’m really into my beer and wine so I thought why not start selling it in here, it makes it a one stop shop for all our customers, it works well for both parties.’’ Charlie who is a born and bred South East Londoner is a first generation butcher, when I asked how he got into it he told me “I always wanted to get into the food industry, I found butchery and set up shop in Peckham before it became ‘trendy’ and expensive, it used to be just me but then I had Lyle and Shaun join and now there are  7 of us, we have a great team here”

Lyles preparing the salt beef for one of the local restaurants it will sit in the bag and cure for four days.

Lyles preparing the salt beef for one of the local restaurants it will sit in the bag and cure for four days.

As we stand in the tiny room in the back room with the enormous chopping table Charlie tells me, “Butchery is hard work and long hours, it's a real labour of love, we are in a 7 prepping everything for the wholesale orders that need to be out at 9, we also need to prep the meat and make our own sausages we normally have 7 different varieties at a time, they are all our own creations but Pork & Leek seems to be everyone's favourite” Their meats come from all over the home counties from farmers they have built strong relationships with over the years.  Charlie informs me the welfare of the animals is very important to him and he makes sure to visit regularly ensuring the meat is of the highest quality to keep up his excellent reputation as one of the best in the business.


If you are ever in the Peckham area make sure you pop in and say hello but in the meantime keep your eyes peeled for when the Roast Beef Sandwich and Salads are next on on our menu.

 Flock & Herd, 155 Bellenden Rd, London SE15 4DH

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