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EatFirst | London Food Month

In the last five years the London food scene has gone from strength to strength with new and exciting events constantly happening, London Food Month’s Night Market was another great example. With this culinary bonanza plonking itself right down in the Queens front garden and filling it stalls with the most influential chefs & vendors in London, it really was a must see.

To add to the excitement we got word from our favourite Thai boys that they will be taking a stall and cooking in Angela Hartnett’s kitchen as ‘special guest’ for the opening night of the festival.

It’s great to see Paul & Richie getting recognition for their hard work and getting into Angela's kitchen is an incredible accolade. 

We couldn’t resist taking a trip to get our hands on some of the incredible food and drinks that the market was serving up. With it being in one of the most iconic settings in London you will not be surprised to hear it pulled in the big guns. Westfield produced an outdoor cinema, there was a massive indoor/outdoor bar area, Angela's Kitchen and a whole host of food vendors, alongside this there was drinks from Cobra Beer serving up the usuals as well as a new non alcoholic and gluten free beer and Ketel one Vodka offering an immersive cocktail making experience.

Some other highlights of what you can find at London Food Month:

KraPow LDN - With the aim to expand the palates of the British public when it comes to Thai food. Their  influence is Northern Thailand - Chiang Mai - with punchier and much more complex flavours, with international notes from neighbouring countries Laos, Myanmar (Burma) and China.

SMOKESTAK - An EatFirst favourite, serving up proper BBQ Pork & Brisket with the meats all smoked on site in their 2.5 tonne smoker from Texas. 

The Cheese Truck - The undisputed masters of the cheese sandwich, since 2014 they have been perfecting their art using only British cheese.

Patty & Bun - One of London’s leading burger chains, using British produce they have carved out the reputation for serving some of the best burgers in London.  

Mama’s Jerk - Mamma Charlotte's secret recipe handed down the generations then ending up on the streets of London, all the deliciousness you would expect and more!

Make sure you get down to London Food Month before it finishes this weekend, it’s a fantastic evening out sampling some of London’s finest street food and don’t forget to poke your head in to say hello to the KraPow LDN team.

~ Our favourite bloggers and foodies.....

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