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Eat like a Wimbledon Champion

If you want to be a champion at work or home you need to eat well, exercise and have a little fun. Here is our guide to fueling up with EatFirst during the championships.


Kick off your day with Crushed Avocado on Sourdough Toast

Avocado is full of monounsaturated fat, now lots of people as soon as they hear the word ‘fat’ run a mile but make Avocado your exception. This type of fat is not only good for your heart but it helps absorb vitamins and nutrients to stave off those pesky illnesses.

Wash it down with Time to Refine Beetroot Juice

Beetroot is a truly magical root, according to ‘The Daily Telegraph’ after ingesting beetroot it can help you exercise for 16% longer. The reason for this is they packed full of inorganic nitrate which helps the body use less oxygen. Amazing.


Pre-Match Snack

Beef Jerky

Beef is rammed with iron. This helps the blood carry oxygen to your muscles and brain which is pretty much the most important thing your body needs to do well in order for you to exercise, or live for that matter.


Pre-Match Lunch

Pasta ‘Al Pesto’

This is the ultimate pre match meal, pasta is full of healthy carbohydrates which fuel your muscles with glucose, the scientific term for energy. This will help you to maintain stamina for extended periods of time.  


Post Match Hydration

Coconut Water

The healthier less sugary alternative to a sports drink. It’s not only lower in sugar but it’s naturally rich in potassium which is one of the essential minerals that you sweat out during exercise. Make sure to drink lots of water too.



Salmon Teriyaki

They call Salmon ‘brain food’ with it being rich in Omega 3 which contributed to a healthy brain, heart and joints. Not only that but with one of our filets of salmon being packed with 43g of protein it can help repair those over worked muscles.



Complimentary Strawberries & Cream

Well, because what else would you eat after a tennis match!?


Taste it then rate it!

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