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BRAND NEW | Original Beans

Here at EatFirst we love collaborating with great brands that have a positive message to share. Original beans was founded on a passion for making the finest chocolate and replenishing what we consume. Their passion has led them to protect endangered wildlife, triple farmer incomes, build the first climate positive supply chain, and offer fully compostable chocolate packaging.

Since 2008 their team has traveled to the RAREST PLACES ON EARTH to bring the most incredible chocolate flavours to you. Like EatFirst, Original Bean chocolates consistently win prestigious TASTING AWARDS and are preferred by chefs and consumers. Through their One Bar = One Tree program, they have planted and preserved OVER 1 MILLION TREES.

At EatFirst, we have three specially selected bars that we’re extremely excited to have for sale on the menu as a triple tasting pack for £2.95

CRU VIRUNGA 70% Deep Dark Chocolate, Virunga Park, Congo - Great Taste Winner 2013

TASTING NOTES: Hints of morello cherries, earthy chocolate, and black tea are revealed as the Cru Virunga melts in your mouth. The deep flavours embody the last mountain gorillas that inhabit Virunga Park.


EDEL WEISS 40% Bare White Chocolate, Yuna River, Dominican Republic

TASTING NOTES: Sweet impressions of banana milk and cacao butter slowly paint a golden portrait of life in the Yuna River. Contains no lecithin and no vanilla.


ESMERALDAS MILK 42% “Fleur de sel” Silky Milk Chocolate, Esmeraldas Coast, Ecuador - Great Taste Winner 2013

TASTING NOTES: Notes of caramel and hazelnuts with Fleur de Sel resonate throughout this silky milk chocolate. The taste floats down from Ecuador’s last Pacific cloud forest, where rare tree frogs bask in the breeze.


KraPow LDN | #MyLondonDish

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